A Growing Collection of My Art and Ramblings

Welcome to StarrGalleries – the place to catch up on my latest projects and banter. Here, you’ll find pages dedicated to my Canvas Art, Photography, and Digital Art.  I’ve dabbled in different mediums for many years, and continue to explore and refine my craft.  On this site, you can also find the Movie Reviews that I write for MovieFloss.  My photography includes a fun surf collection and listings on some journalism and event coverage pages. Recently, I constructed the website for FlakProductions and have acted as the event photographer.

canvas stitch

My canvas art (above) consists of stenciled aerosol graphics over decoupage.  This collection is mainly inspired by street art and pop culture.  I also have my canvas works available on my Etsy Shop and you can follow updates on Facebook.  Most of my photography (below) is shot in the moment – I don’t do much studio work because I enjoying capturing life as it is.

photo stitch

My digital art (below) has evolved in several directions over the years.  Starting out with creating designs for a friend’s t-shirt company, my direction eventually focused on the surreal and works inspired by poster art and a sense of satire.

digital stitch

These images are all examples of the work you’ll find on this site.  I post to my BLOG with latest movie reviews, updates on artistic ventures and other mindless ramblings. Feel free to look around and enjoy the site!